Branding — Identifying what your brand stands for (and what it doesn’t stand for), what your promise is to consumers or voters, and what you mean to consumers/voters on both a practical and emotional level.

Media Relations — Strategy and placement in local, regional, national, and international outlets. Rapid-response.

Messaging — Developing and guiding the narrative in a manner that persuades the public, press, and policymakers. Message testing.

Media Training — Perfecting how to deliver a message across any medium and under high-pressure or crisis situations. Spokesperson development.

Crisis Communications & Digital Brand Management — Building and protecting your corporate or individual brand offline and online.

Influencer Engagement and Marketing — Building relationships with influencers across social media platforms with the goal to advance communications and business goals.

Executive Visibility — Building and managing personal personas of senior management and the office of the CEO.

Opposition Research — Social and earned audits on your opposition or competitors.

Campaign Planning — Developing a winning communications strategy and framework, aligning all campaign aspects, and executing against the plan.

Issue Advocacy — Educating and influencing regulators and policymakers to advance business outcomes.

Community Relations and Corporate Social Responsibility — Building relationships with non-profits and organizations whose missions overlap and align with yours. Creating meaningful programming that advances that mission and fulfills a community need.

Experiential Marketing — Creating experiences that bring your message/company/product to life and in a manner that educates or persuades the consumer or voter.